Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Obscure Hollow and I spy with my evil eye...

Obscure Hollow is a fantastic blog where people post stills from old horror movies (you know, when they used to be all spooky and beautifully lit, not the modern yawn inducing torture-porn!) but there's other good stuff too, like this great little music video inspired by a cartoons from the 30's. The Ghost of Stephen Forster has a wonderfully manic Bohemian fiddle solo at the beginning which crops up again several times throughout the song... makes my Romany blood race... my imaginary Romany blood that is!

That reminds me, I was accosted at the cash point by a Traveller the other day, she leaned over my shoulder, ignoring all that personal space malarkey and whispered something about Lucky Heather right into my ear... not something I would advise to do to someone with PTSD. I was understandably freaked out and swung round, obviously frightening the living daylights out of her and she scuttled off down Holywell High Street shouting something about me putting the Evil Eye on her. Well, it amused the people sat on the benches outside the chip shop I suppose... shouldn't she have been trying to pull the whole evil eye Crock of Sh*t on me, not the other way round? Baffling!

Go take a peek at Obscure Hollow anyway, the tunes really catchy too, may be appearing on this jukebox if I can track it down!

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