Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lambs tails!

Busy morning - just got signed off by the Physiotherapist so no excuse not to get rid of the fat suit I seem to have created for myself since the knee injury! As you can see from the pathetic little summary at the top of the right column, I've only managed to make a 5lb dent in that wobbly mass but, hey ho, better than none, I can get back into some of my favourite clothes at last. Feeling really motivated today though and all because of lamb tails. It was horribly foggy on the way to the hospital early this morning (and that never helps with your mood, does it?) but on the way back the fog had cleared and I saw little lamb tails hanging from the Hazel trees as I drove along (...I know, SOME people look at other traffic!!!).

That's always a sure sign of spring as far as I'm concerned, so I'm starting that 2 bowls of cereal a day diet from today, let's see how that goes. I should have some pics of The Frost Fairy later or tomorrow, I've decided she will have legs now, as the cone base just looked a bit odd :o)


Nat said...

Good luck to you. I was recently sick and basically had to go on a soup diet. Chicken broth with celery and carrots some other seasonings. This soup was all I ate. I lost weight of course but now that I am better, I seem to be eating much less. My father also has lost lots of weight with such soups.

Yve said...

Aaaahh, soup! In theory it's a food, I know, but I am a big one for chewing so think of it as a drink! Thanks though I may give it a try.

The cereal diet went well until the evening when I had to take pain-killers and my stomach rebelled and I had to eat stodge to calm it down.

I put my entire 3 stone gain last year down to mega doses of Ibuprofen and Co-dydramol... oh well, tomorrow is another day, TOday in fact :o)