Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy St David's Day

Yay, it's St David's Day, he's the patron Saint of today is the day we all go out and drink ourselves silly and have a good time just like the Irish on St Paddy's, right?

Eeeerrrr, no we're more low key, we wear daffodils and leeks in our lapels and eat our National Dish: Welsh Rarebit (or Cheese on Toast as it's also known, with a bit of mustard!)... then go out on St Paddy's and drink with the Irish!

Here's a song that tells you nothing about Wales but does feature badgers, and just for today the Jukebox has been silenced - Cymru am Byth and all, enjoy...


Gail Lackey said...

Hey Yve, hope you had a fun St Davids day!
Yes, That would be fine to use the long pic on your links, thanks for asking!
Have a SpOOktacular day!

Yve said...

I suffered an unprovoked attack by a hot cross bun earlier, there was something really sharp in it, cracked my tooth and scratched my throat, so not the best celebration, thanks though!

The moral being that Atheists should just stay away from religious snacks?