Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Frost Fairy 2

Ok, so mistakes! I decided I wanted to try and raise up the features a little, very subtle. I got the new batch of PAPYDUR, which I mixed with less water this time and found that it was a lot less easy to control. It has a lot of pulpy material in it and is very... wilful. (that's a good word for it!)

I decided just to let it set all bulky as I thought I would be able to carve into it once it was dry. Errrr, NO - it's like concrete once it's dry... it broke the blade on my craft knife! I kid you not. Took ages to sand it back down, I was almost in tears thinking I would have to remake the whole head/torso again.

Once I'd calmed down and it was sanded smooth again I decided to have one more go and wait until it was semi-dry to manipulate it and thankfully I am a lot happier with the result this time. I like the way she is developing, what do you think?


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Marjorie Dawson said...

I can imagine your frustration - it must have been immense :-(

From your photographs I think you have retrieved it brilliantly, and as my tutors told me in the past - the doll has to be clothed, and decorated and people won't you what you do - well I keep telling myself that anyway :-))

I look forward to the next step!