Monday, February 23, 2009

The Frost Fairy 1

Here's the first pic of Frosty, she will be about 70cm tall when she's finished. I really liked the way that Bleeding Heart turned out but am glad to get back to my slightly spindlier pattern. Her head had to be made smaller as it seemed a bit OTT, even though I usually draw my girls with oversized heads and owl eyes. She looks better this way and has a slightly tilted head to show off her big top hat.

I offer these instalments as an encouragement to others really. I am no doll making expert and have never taken any classes, I'm just bumbling along because I learn by doing rather than being shown. I am bound to make mistakes but, so what, they can be rectified and you learn more that way. I have been freelance on and off for most of my career (since the mid 80's... I'm practically Antique!) and always do something more personally creative when I am not working for a client. I really want to draw, write stories and paint but that just isn't working for me right now, so I am learning to make dolls instead.

On the subject of mistakes: using paperclay for the first time, finally managed to track some down, but sadly (it's called PAPYDUR) the instructions are only available in various Scandinavian looking languages, so it's all guesswork. That's one of the biggest hurdles that I've found being in the UK, well away from London. You see people in Japan and the States making amazing creations and glibly referencing materials that you just can't get your hands on over here... even in Hobbycraft!!!!

Oh well, back to the MISTAKE... the PAPYDUR has been left to dry for nearly 3 days and is like rock wherever it was thinly spread, but, I wanted to smooth the join between head and neck, so filled it in and smoothed over. I picked it up to do the photographs and found that it was only dry on the surface and have now made a huge crack into the wet stuff underneath! Ooops... PAPY-DOH. I think I might need to add less water next time.

Off to the Art shop in a moment (over the hills and far away) to pick up some silver acrylic paint, She's having silver boots with real leather laced uppers, better get on with it :o)




Marjorie Dawson said...

I always have trouble with those leg joints. You seem to have no trouble and do them so well.

I will watch the development of this one very closely!

Yve said...

oooh, I have loads of problems, you should have caught me last summer! This one has a sort of double flap at the top so buttons either side. I started using just one button and the knees would often bend sideways, which is a bit weird.

I'm guessing that Bleeding Heart hasn't arrived yet, I'm dying to hear what you think of her... well, unless you hate her, in which case, not so much! :o)

twenty pound tabby said...

I'll be following the progress of this doll - I'm fascinated by the process, including the mistakes. Actually, I really like the mistake information since that is so useful.

I'm so jealous of Marjorie.

Yve said...

If it's mistakes you are looking for, I'm your girl! Just found out something new about paperclay... the hard way, it will be in tomorrows posting :o(