Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dyspeptic Dollies

Bless! Somewhere out in the far East there is a translator getting rich on their misunderstanding of the English language. Even with heartburn she is a beautiful doll though!


My antique chair acrobatics (the Lloyd loom is fine by the way, survived the adventure a lot better than I did... I found it in a skip in North London way back when you were actually allowed to nick things from skips... it was just off Kilburn High Road and I've thought of Ian Dury every time I sit in it, ever since... He used to be in a band called Kilburn & The High Roads, in case you are wondering... Reasons to be Cheerful!) caused me to really stiffen up later and I have spent the last few days resting a bad back, so no dolly progress here I'm afraid, dyspeptic or otherwise. Still tomorrow I WILL take pictures of The Frost Fairy, even if it's really cloudy, because I'm itching to get on with her. She's going to be quite an entertaining doll when she's finished and much larger than any previous that I've made. I'm pleased with her so far :o)


Georgina said...

Yes, I agree, she is beautiful "heartburn" and all! This reminds me of a dance I attended many, many years ago across the border into Mexico where the band was playing a series of "The Monkees" hits. I about lost it when they sang, "I'm a Believer," when instead of saying, "...and I saw her face...," they said, "...and I socked her face!" Truly a memorable moment for the American, English speaking kids in the group. We now can't hear that song without a giggle or two.

By the way, love your blog.


Yve said...

Thanks Georgina, love your story and I love The Monkees, Last Train to Clarkesville is an all time fave :o)