Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wild about Ellowyne? turned out to be too cold to actually clear up my workspace (I just have a naff little electric heater and there's ice forming on the INSIDE of the double glazing!) so I retreated to the Mac with a big mug of hot chocolate and went doll surfing, as you do.

Ellowyne Wilde...can't make up my mind. Tonner dolls are usually not to my taste (Too Dynasty/Dallas Holywood middle aged looking) but the outfits on some are totally fantastic, just a bit...well, mad. They seem sort of over the top - not in a cool, eclectic, funky way - more in a "money can't buy style" way. The kind of thing Joan Collins would wear in the eighties, and probably still does.

Ellowyne is meant to be Gothic, but not young, sassy, punky, emo goth... more neo-victorian/steampunk Addams family Goth. Which should appeal to me... let's face it, I'm getting a bit long in the fang. The outfits below definitely hit the mark, I love how detailed they are. It's just that there's still a whiff of 'spoilt little Mall-Brat who decided to go to a fancy dress party as a goth but didn't want to spoil her make-up' about Ellowyne. Or her strangely perfect hair. She is also kind of a split personality as the rest of the outfits look like they have been borrowed from her mother's wardrobe. I think she would be terrified of Pullip Noir.

I think I want one though, ggggrrr.

The weirdest thing of all is the fact that they have given her a STALKER, instead of a boyfriend, in the form of the facially-challenged Rufus Rutter. I mean I love a guy with a strong nose BUT boy, are his eyes close together! He isn't someone she fancies, he just kind of moons after her and is pictured lying on a bed surrounded by photos of her. Eeeeeuuuuwww - Psycho! He's dorky creepy rather than dorky cute, and again, looks middle aged. I think Rufus is the safe, dull guy-doll that all the Mum and Nanna dolls want their pouty teenage tearaway Barbie/Bratz and Pullips to date. Never going to happen.

These photos are from the official website, go and check out rancid Rufus and more of Ellowyne, the link is down the side as usual.


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