Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Valentines Day; Thoughts so far

Thanks for all the fantastic comments/entries so far, keep them coming! I was going to add a comment for each of you but that will confuse me when I come to copy down all the names to put in the hat... yes, I'm actually using a hat. If you want to enter the competition just add a comment on the post below this one, thanks.

The main theme emerging seems to be that although we are all suckers for hearts and chocs (what about roses, I LOVE flowers?) most people want to do something small and personal for their loved ones, and not necessarily on a specific day. I think I'm torn 50/50, loving and hating it. Totally single - with no prospects even - this year so decided I would go for the random act of kindness approach, hence the doll!

Have started on the body construction and will have pics to post tomorrow, so keep checking back. Love to you all :o)

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