Friday, January 16, 2009

How to make a jointed rag doll - Bleeding Heart 3

It looked like a scene from Dexter in here earlier, I had the place covered in plastic sheeting and began splattering a concoction made from red acrylic ink, gold fabric paint and some purple acrylic paint. After the legs were dry I painted in the stripes with a mixture of Black acrylic ink and "shimmer jet black" Pebeo fabric paint. I love Pebeo paints as they often have these really subtle shimmery effects, the jet black I'm using is actually a very dark blue so when mixed with the acrylic ink it seperates slightly and gives a sort of marbled effect. It's all quite subtle and hasn't really been picked up by the camera. I will post another picture tomorrow when I'm sure it's all dry.

I've also painted the boots in, over the gesso. The gesso gives it a very different finish to the "tights" which is just what I wanted. I've also done quite a few skin coats on her torso and hands. Will probably sand those tomorrow before applying anymore paint. The doll is made from calico, so is quite rough and bumpy in places and could do with some smoothing.


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