Friday, January 23, 2009

Competition - Win an OOAK Art Doll - Bleeding Heart 6

I've finished her face (well, it still needs to be varnished before I add her hair) given her a choker (there will be a heart bead in the centre with the blood droplets beneath) and given her some clothing. She has a devoré top with pouffy sleeves (there's probably a more sophisticated term than "pouffy", but you know what I mean!) and a ruched silky undersleeves. She also has little satin bloomers, which are partially hidden in this pic.

Still to do: the hair, skirt and petticoats and of course the corset with the bleeding heart emblem painted in the centre panel. Then I will do some leather turn-over flap tops for her pixie boots. I am in two minds about the hat now, it might be overkill. I will wait until the hair is finished and then perhaps go for some sort of fascinator instead?

She has really grown on me over the past 24 hours, can't believe I'll be giving her away! I wonder who the lucky person will be? :o)



Marjorie Dawson said...

All I can say is WoW congratulations!

She is a work of art and a true Art Doll. Well done and may, many good wishes for future sales on ETSY,

Gufobardo said...

wow, I love her! can I win her? ciao from Italy

Yve said...

Thanks Marjorie (and cat), glad you like her, she's still got a way to go yet though!

Gufobardo, will enter you into the draw, I know the Italians are a very romantic race, so say no more! :o)