Thursday, January 22, 2009

Competition - Win an OOAK Art Doll - Bleeding Heart 6

Well, I've strung her together and painted some outlines for her facial features. There are 2 very odd things about this doll. Number 1: she can sit and pose all by herself, she doesn't need propping up and her arms just stay in place as you can see from the pics below. Frankly, in all my time making "spooky" dolls, she is the very first that I actually find a bit creepy for that very fact!

Number 2: The last coat of varnish I used actually dried quite matt, but has a strange waxy feel to it. I find that a bit unnerving too! I don't know what the varnish is as it was donated by a friend - the cap on the bottle broke so he poured it into a couple of spare bottles and forgot to label them. He gave me one and I forgot all about it. It was out in the Washhouse under years of spider webs! I saw it there the other day when I was very carefully taking some washing out of the one is brave enough to tackle the spiders out there, they have the place to themselves most of the time and are gradually making the building smaller and smaller. I have visions of being tapped on the shoulder by a giant black leg, only to be found out there days late, dry as a husk, strung up to dry with all my undies.

But I digress, today I will finish painting the face and start to dress her! Hurrah!
Remember to enter the competition simply leave a comment on the January 12th post:Valentines:Sweet or Sour :o)



Marjorie Dawson said...

She is certainly looking amazing and its interesting to hear that she has acquired a strange texture - how mysterious!

I love her legs, beaded joints are a struggle for me so I love yours they look brilliant!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

She is SOOOOO fabulous!!! The joints are easier to see here! but are they covered buttons then place on the diagonal?