Monday, January 12, 2009

COMPETITION: Valentine - Sweet or Sour?

To enter the COMPETITION to WIN the FREE one of a kind art doll, "Bleeding Heart"(see sketch below) simply make a comment on this post. Tell us something about your feeling about Valentine's Day, sweet or sour.

Is it a day to rejoice in love and togetherness or a constant disappointment? Whatever your opinion, just make a comment below and I will add you into the draw (make a million comments if you like but only one entry each person!). I will be showing regular updates on the doll as she progresses but always refer back to this post to enter. Good Luck :o)


Tara Fortin said...

Um, it is crazy generous of you to run this contest!! Even without the contest, watching the doll from sketch to completion is so interesting. I hope you get tons of entries (but I still want to win!)

The idea of Valentines Day is a nice one, but how people accomplish it needs some work. Buying gifts is a crap way to prove you love someone. I personally love to take Valentines Day to be thankful someone thinks I am awesome, and I think they are awesome. The we eat microwave popcorn and are thankful we don't have to date anymore. Haha :-)

Yve said...

That sounds an ace way to celebrate and thanks for being my first entrant. Just wanted to do something mad to get 2009 off to a fun start with all the doom and gloom around. Spreading the love, so to speak!

fugsly said...

This is a great competition - couldn't resist entering :)

I used to dislike it but with my current we have a system to do something extra nice for the other person like make their fav dinner, do all the washing up, run them a bath or whatever comes to mind. No presents, no stress, just something a little special. :)

andrea said...

I can't wait to see the progression of this doll! I love Valentines, even when I was single. Who can resist pink, red and hearts; it's also a good excuse to go out and have dinner somewhere fun. In fact, I just bought the cutest bat from your first entrant Tara as a valentine for myself!!

Beat Black said...

this is exciting. i cant wait to see the process!!

my thoughts on valentines day aren't that pretty. I think its a joke and it bothers me when people take it too seriously and get upset when they don't get a gift or something.

however, i love the day after when the chocolate goes on sale :)

Robyn L. Coburn said...

I have featured your blog and contest on my new round up blog, Doll:Crafting and Collecting.

I'd like to enter the contest myself too! Thanks for doing this.

Robyn C

Static White said...

Ooh I so love you dolls! This is an amazing giveaway. Wow.

Well let's see, I think Valentine's Day as it is now as a Hellmarkian nightmare. I may be a bit of a hater due one of my first jobs was working as a seamstress asst at a company that their main theme was hearts. Hearts everywhere. On absolutely everything. *Retch* I loathed Feb 14th for many years after.
Now I'm married. Thankfully neither of us have ever been big on the heart shape lovey-dovey presents/cards/toys/etc. We don't need just one day a year to let each other know we love each other. We do that every day! Besides why go out and buy nonsense when I can make him something wonderful right here with my own 2 hands? That means so much more I think.
Though I must say I will NOT turn down any sort of chocolate-y goodness on said day, or any day for that matter. Also I have a strange love for those little candy hearts. I won't read them, a piece of candy with "text me" written on it does not get my heart a'flutter, but I will eat them by the boxful :D

Damn, now I want sweets LOL.

Marjorie Dawson said...

Its a really commercial thing now isn't it?

OK, entry time! We buy/make each other something special, I make something special and 'himself' buys something I'm yearning for - I am the maker, he sets crosswords which I can't solve (for the UK national dailies) so that's no good. I refuse to go out and eat on Valentines Day as its a rip off (I'm a real kill joy - :-)) and if he bought me flowers I'd throw them at him (just on 14th Feb mind!!)

This year's yearning for present is from Bohemian Cats. OK so I have been wanting a set of these cards for nearly two years. Now they are down to less than 20 sets - he gave in.

I can't wait to see how your journey creating this doll goes. I had better add myself to your list of followers and keep track!

Good Luck, Bon Chance and now, we wait....

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

I can't wait to see the finished design!

To hubby and I Valentine's Day is not very different to any other day. We are constantly pampering each other with gifts!

And regarding the love, every day should be Valentine's Day for a couple. And I am not talking about flowers or candy. I am talking about him making you a tea when you are on those days of the month, on you giving him a feet massage just because. Love can be shown many other ways than buying presents.

Cristina said...

I agree with Tara, it's really generous to run this contest, as it must have SO MUCH work on creating one of those pieces! I would kill only for the sketch! (I studied fashion designing for some years and I have a little crush for sketches...).

I never gave much importance to Valentines Day, and I guess this year it won't be very different. Maybe it will be a bit sour, as I can't be with my bf (we're living in different cities for the moment), but that's everydays matter, not only THAT day.. Snif, snif :(

Besides that, Valentines Day always reminds me of a Simpsons chapter, in which Ralph gave Lisa a postcard with a train in which you could read "I choo, choo, choooose you!", lol.

StemOfThorns said...

Oooo this looks fun!

Let's see... my thoughts on Heart Day... I think it is a silly holiday. Nothing more than a way for people to make money. When it comes to being romantic and loving someone, or even when it comes to giving gifts... I think that is something that you should show your partner all the time, not just 1 day out of the year. My boyfriend makes me feel special every day. When Valentine's Day gets here all I like about it is the yummy candy I get to stock up on from the grocery store. *Giggles*


Tina- said...

Valentine's day...just another day really...but every day I tell my sweety that I love him..Valentine's day is just another day to state the obvious.I do like to see the combinations of red roses and white and pinks. I don't buy into the commercializing of it, although the candy can be quite tasty that they sell then..who can resist chocolate?but it's better to go the day after and get the candies on sale..yes? lol
I do collect vintage Valentine's the designs have quite the charm.
such a generous give away. thanks for the opportunity

twenty pound tabby said...

19 years ago Valentines Day changed forever for me. I gave birth to my first child on Valentines Day. Having a C-section isn't the most romantic way to celebrate the day and I certainly didn't feel romantic at the time. Ever since then, it's been a birthday for my daughter rather than a romantic day with the spouse. For the first few years my daughter got heart shaped fancy birthday cakes, which is why she now hates all things to do with Valentines day and anything froufrou.
This Valentines Day will be the first one in 19 years without the daughter since she is now at college. Maybe we can go back to having a nice romantic dinner again.

The Caravan said...

I love the doll and following the blog! I always wondered how those amazing dolls were made. She's coming along nicely, I can't wait to see her all finished up!!!

Our St. Valentine's day always includes something handmade; cards, dinner, cookies and poems.
For my lady friends I usually make some red jewelry and a card, to let them know I love them.

I use the day to focus on "Loving" feelings and gratitude towards others, letting them know they are appreciated.

The Tiny Tragedies said...

I'm totally in love with this doll so I had to enter!

The only holiday I dislike more than Valentine's Day is Easter. And that's only because I had the stomach flu 5 years in a row on Easter when I was a kid! But I digress...

As much as I love sparkly red hearts, I can't think of a positive Valentine's Day experience. I wear black every year in protest, and go out to dinner with my fellow single ladies and get drunk! Whoo!!

Yve said...

Yay!!! I have resisted commenting so far, but FINALLY a fellow Love Grinch! Obviously, I'm very happy for all you loved-up types out there, but it's just not how I'm feeling right now. Won't make any difference to the outcome of the competition, that will just be random, I'm going to let my 14 year old nephew do the picking...he's just got his first girlfriend, so quite romantic! :o)

Gufobardo said...

I love your work: the sketch and after this ..all the steps to create doll. Thank you!

Gail Lackey said...

So interesting to see your work in progress! thanks for showing the steps!
Valentines day..mmnnn... okay, maybe if the valentines are black!!
Happy haunting,Gail

Nat said...

Valentine's Day was the best during grade school. Cards and candy and all that love from everyone. Even the bullies got hearts. Now it is just one other day to show love.

Nora said...

I love that doll... I just have to jump in on this.

Even when I am with someone, I still find Valentine's Day to be really stressful. Everyone expects a fancy store-bought card, you can't get one for everyone, so someone is going to get their heart broken. I don't know... if I don't buy cards, then people who thought they were "card-worthy friends" feel left out... and the sad truth is that I didn't think they weren't "card-worthy", I just don't get cards for anyone! Oh -- and, as an artist, people tend to expect me to make personalized cards for everyone -- and I just don't have the time... ARGH! I could go on and on for reasons I don't care for Valentine's Day -- but admittedly, it kinda goes the same for all the holidays. I think it's what card companies have done to it. Commercialism! ARGH! :)

Erm... I just want the doll. *laughing*

Cynjon said...

Hmn....for me right now, the idea of valentines is all about being together. For the last year+, my partner and I have been separated because of travelling for work, and really all I want is to spend Vday together....even though we've never really been ones to celebrate it in a "big way" in the past!

inkdoll said...

I feel that like many of the holidays celebrated here in the US, "V-day" is no exception for being a consumer driven market hosted by hallmark. And, while I know this... I still sadly participate and buy those 24 pk. of V-Day cards for my co-workers/friends/ect. (The ones kids pass out in school)

You don't need a special day to let someone know that you care ... but it sure does make the day more exciting!

And, if you're SINGLE on V-day EVEN BETTER. For then you are not committed to buy anyone anything! So, you can buy YOURSELF - WHATEVER you want! It's like having your own personal "ME" day. ^_*


[ m a l i c i a ]

Kewpie said...

I am a hopeless romantic.... and love anything quirky so this doll appeals greatly. Okay I am going for sympathy now... my hubby is in Afghanistan, and has been for four months, I sent his pressy a couple of days ago,,, and he is due back the end of April, I expect nothing for valentines, but secretly would love to hear from him.
Your dolls are very cool, would love to see one along the kewpie doll style :)

Yve said...

I hope you get something Kewpie. Don't think I'll ever make a Kewpie doll though, too cute for my style, I kind of stick to warped/cute!

.heather. said...

it is absolutely wonderful of you to give away one of your beautiful dolls. i found them from a link on a site, and i'm so thankful for finding your dolls. they are adorable, and i wish i was talented enough to make something like them.

Valentine's day is something that is really important to me. my friends mean the world to me, and i love the fact that they think the same of me. It's always good to have someone close to you for the special times, but honestly, i'd rather be alone. You have so much more fun when you dont have to worry about upsetting your lover. i love giving away gifts, and i hope this year i can give something special. I am single for the first time in ages, and I could not be happier. So even though i will be alone this year, i wish everyone a very happy Singles Awareness Day. :)