Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bleeding Heart Progress 2

I decided not to use the head pattern from the book at all as it worked out quite small and I like a nice big area to paint the face. So this afternoon I stuffed the head and attached to the neck. Then I have painted Gesso on all the parts I want to paint. Gesso is what artists use to prime a canvas before they paint, it stops the surface from being porous, but I guess you all know that.

The only bits not to get any gesso were the main torso, and upper arms (not in the picture) which will be covered by clothing, and the legs. I gessoed the little boots but not the rest of the legs. I have since painted these with red fabric paint and now have to leave these to dry. I am soooo impatient! Sadly they will take a good while as all the stuffing will be wet too. Tomorrow I am going to do some splattering and marbelling on the legs, then after they are dry, paint on the black stripes.



Nat said...

Your construction process is very interesting, hoping to learn more, thanks for sharing your work in progress.

Marjorie Dawson said...

Love the way the legs and heels are together. AND the red too!!