Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bleeding Heart Progress 1

I decided to try some new techniques for this doll and have adapted a pattern from Patti Medaris Cullea's book "Creative cloth doll making". I bought the book in the summer but haven't had a chance to try it out. Previous to this I have always found my own way, drawing my patterns from scratch and learning from my mistakes. We haven't really had access to these doll making books in the UK until the last year or so. I'm glad in a way, that I kind of just experimented to find my own (what passes for) style.

This pattern will give the doll fully jointed limbs and the head will sit separately on the neck rather than be all in one with the torso. The biggest challenge is the hands. I have tried to make hands with digits before but they have always torn or frayed at the seams when I have stuffed the fingers, not this time though thankfully. I've added a pipe cleaner armature inside so that the fingers can be posed. The elbows and shoulder joints will use buttons to allow them to swing.

The biggest departure from the pattern in the book is the torso. It was interesting to see how similar Patti's pattern is to the one I kind of cobbled together myself (adapting a fitted blouse pattern to give the bust and waist darts) but I found the PMC pattern to be too bulky for my taste. The finished girl will be wearing a corset so needs a very slim waist and a longer body generally, definitely longer, slimmer legs. I trimmed the seams and added darts in the back then did a bit of needle sculpting to give those exaggerated "corset" curves.

Keep the entries coming, it is really fun reading all your comments :o)



Static White said...

Arg the fingers. I have an armless mermaid just for that reason LOL
Looks good so far!

Yve said...

Probably for the best, mermaids are like magpies, always stealing your jewellery! I specialised in arms that ended in stumps for a while.

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Thank you for the wonderful process of your dollmaking!!! Can you please elaborate on the button joints? How were they applied, and is it your own design, for these button joints?PLEASE, Please!!! email me. ok?