Monday, January 26, 2009

Bleeding Heart - Finished Doll

I will be posting some better pictures on my website later in the week, I have to catch the morning sun! Thanks to everyone who has been following the making of this doll for your encouraging comments, much appreciated.

Don't forget, if you would like the chance to WIN THIS DOLL, just put a comment (share your thoughts on Valentines Day, good or bad) on the Post for January the 12th - "Valentine's: Sweet or Sour". Good luck, I'll be picking a winner on February the 14th, check back to this blog to see if you've won!

There will be new items in the shop this week, Heart decorations and Boudoir dolls, just finishing them up now :o)



Marjorie Dawson said...

WOW! I just want to give a huge around of applause - she is just totally amazing.

Well done with such a wonderful and inspirational and wildly wonderful piece of work.

twenty pound tabby said...

My 16 YO daughter just yelled from across the room, "I like that doll!".

Very very cool.

nitebyrd said...

The doll is wonderful! Valentine's Day, not so much.

Yve said...

tee hee, I'll add you to the draw. Thanks for all the nice comments on her, she's loving it.

Zan Asha said...

Hello There, another doll-making friend made me aware of this giveaway! WOW and WOW! Why aren't you closer to the States, is all I can ask (and hope for!). Simply scrumptious!! :)

I've never been on for Valentine's day--to the point that we've had "Anti-Valentine's Day" parties at our house!

Yve said...

tee hee! An Anti-Valentines party what a great idea... except it would be just me and the cat's as all my friends would be doing couply things (boo)... oh and Matilda is in love with Whistlejacket the Ginger Tom, so that just leaves me and Stoofin! :o(

Static White said...

Wow she came out great! Now I have a reason to actually look forward to the 14th ;p

Catherine R. said...


I love your doll! She is wonderful!As for valentine's Day...I love it!! I have already purchased some fun things to send to friends/family for V-Day. It is one of my very fav. holidays. I love that helps too ;)

Happy early Valentine's Day to you!



Melanie Jane said...

Love the doll! Marvellous hair...
My thoughts on Valentine's Day (as my husband said on his first ever Valentine's card to me):
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Aliens invaders
Want to dissect you!