Monday, December 8, 2008

Spring is in the air, or my sketchpad, anyway...

I have a several projects to finish and list before the December close-down, but more exciting for me (at least!) I also have a few changes up my sleeve for when the shop opens again in January. I have been concentrating on getting the Etsy Shop established and all the website artwork done for so long now (it's been a (woolly) Mamoth of a task, and I'm still updating the galleries!) that my dolls have taken a back seat.

Sad, as they are what it's all about!

I have a note book full of new scribbles for dolls though and a big sack full of new fabrics to get started on. I think I've kind of done the plain old gothy/witch rag dolls to their logical conclusion for now, I think I need a break from them. Also the tiny Polymer dolls are a bit limiting, although very enjoyable... so I am planning to combine these 2 techniques and see where that takes me. Watch this space!

Also, I always get pretty low in January/February, doesn't everyone? So, to beat the post-crimbo blues I've decided to go for a more grimm-fairytale folklore look. I've been leafing through a massive book of Russian Folk art today for inspiration and can't wait to get started. I think I'll come straight out of the Christmas break with my Valentine's Day head on and tell you all about it in the next Freaky Little Things Newsletter in Jan. Sign up at my website, if you are interested.

While I am on this new colourful path, I just stumbled across the work of a fellow EGADS Etsy Dollmaker who does beautifull brightly coloured polymer dollies after my own heart, Duh bu Duh designs. Take a peek at her blog, the link is down the side there. :o)

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