Friday, December 19, 2008

Phew, just made it!

Two of my Christmas presents absolutely had to go in the post today, last chance to get there before Christmas. Problem was, I hadn't finished making them! That's been the theme of this year, too much going on at any one time and looming deadlines.

I made 4 angel themed "Wish Dolls" for my friends and as I will be sending 2 of them through the post I knew they would need boxes to protect them. I've made boxes before from paper maché, but the best thing about paper maché is that it can't be rushed. You have to take your time and let each layer dry out before you begin another. That's before the many layers of painting and sanding. Normal very peaceful and theraputic...

Well, my looming Christmas deadline called for Speed-Maché, quite a high risk undertaking which meant leaving the boxes on the radiators and applying the hairdryer in between paint applications, the sanding totally got the heav-ho. naturally all that heat warped the boxes so then they had to be squished back into shape with heavy duty elastic bands and a carefully balanced encyclopaedia (always knew that would come in handy some day).

Then I put the lids on while the varnish was still a bit tacky and woke to find them welded on. Had a bit of a well earned tantrum at that point. Eventually got the lids off and decided the tears just kind of added to the slightly distressed antique look I aim for. Voila. Packed and posted and on their way to their new homes. I'm sure that Gill and Marcia are too busy with Christmas preparations to be reading this.

The second set will be handed over in person tomorrow evening. The dolls evolved to be more fairy like than angelic with those silver filigree type wings. They are for my friends, the twins, Jenni & Jessica. They weren't actually meant to look like them but kind of took on something of their essence while I was painting them. I now see the girl in Silver as Jess and the Pink girl as Jenni. I think I will just leave it up to them which one they have in the end though.

That's it from me until the New Year so happy holidays whatever you celebrate :o)

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Gail Lackey said...

OOHH dear!! I know what ya mean..been there!! Rushing to get something done on time is the mother of all inventions!!
Finally finished my rushing and am now on "burn out mode", but have to rush to get things done in time for the family...Ahh.. no rest for the wicked!!!
Love your dollys that were the cause of your tears though!!
happy Hauntings, Gail