Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eeeek, recession?

I know we aren't to mention the R word - it's just an economic blip - Honest, and let's face it I can't spell recession, ressession, repossession(?) but having freelanced right through the nineties I recognise the signs. I recognised them about 3 years ago, to be honest, as I went through my own personal mini-bust THEN ahead of the rest of the world.

Always gotta be in there first! :o(

Design is one of those industries that get's hit first and hard. The majority of my work is to design product and packaging that sells through major High Street retailers, so, hey - double whammy. I had a full fortnight's work planned out but by Tuesday lunchtime, my first job is cancelled completely and the second got put on hold. Eeeekkk!!!!

One thing is different from the early nineties for me though and I am hoping, fingers crossed, that this doesn't change. Ask any Illustrator, back then you couldn't get work at all. If you could draw you were considered redundant as "Computer graphics" were all anyone wanted. There was this mule-headed belief that computers were actually CREATIVE, that even a chimp could create a masterpiece if they had the right software!

Thankfully that idea has pretty much faded, even the "Suits" in the industry finally understand that the computer is only as creative as it's operator and being able to draw is actually considered a skill again. Phew! Illustration is in vogue... and the magazine! I'm hoping that it will keep bread on the table, touch wood...or MDF which is closer to hand right now (IKEA desk don'tcha know). The only problem is that I just stare at the blank page and nothing comes to mind... I need to get a new updated illustration folio together but nothing is happening, it's like I have hit a wall.

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