Monday, December 29, 2008

I made 100 hearts!!!!

Yayyyyyy!!!! I got to the 100 hundred hearts mark some time while I was off celebrating Christmas in my own atheistic way. At least I made that goal before the year was out. Thanks to everyone and I will be routing around in all your shops too, shortly. It's one of my favourite things about Etsy.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday and looking forward to the New Year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

what they look like!

Of course that last post would have made more sense if I'd added the photo links. I need a holiday!



Phew, just made it!

Two of my Christmas presents absolutely had to go in the post today, last chance to get there before Christmas. Problem was, I hadn't finished making them! That's been the theme of this year, too much going on at any one time and looming deadlines.

I made 4 angel themed "Wish Dolls" for my friends and as I will be sending 2 of them through the post I knew they would need boxes to protect them. I've made boxes before from paper maché, but the best thing about paper maché is that it can't be rushed. You have to take your time and let each layer dry out before you begin another. That's before the many layers of painting and sanding. Normal very peaceful and theraputic...

Well, my looming Christmas deadline called for Speed-Maché, quite a high risk undertaking which meant leaving the boxes on the radiators and applying the hairdryer in between paint applications, the sanding totally got the heav-ho. naturally all that heat warped the boxes so then they had to be squished back into shape with heavy duty elastic bands and a carefully balanced encyclopaedia (always knew that would come in handy some day).

Then I put the lids on while the varnish was still a bit tacky and woke to find them welded on. Had a bit of a well earned tantrum at that point. Eventually got the lids off and decided the tears just kind of added to the slightly distressed antique look I aim for. Voila. Packed and posted and on their way to their new homes. I'm sure that Gill and Marcia are too busy with Christmas preparations to be reading this.

The second set will be handed over in person tomorrow evening. The dolls evolved to be more fairy like than angelic with those silver filigree type wings. They are for my friends, the twins, Jenni & Jessica. They weren't actually meant to look like them but kind of took on something of their essence while I was painting them. I now see the girl in Silver as Jess and the Pink girl as Jenni. I think I will just leave it up to them which one they have in the end though.

That's it from me until the New Year so happy holidays whatever you celebrate :o)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kim's Corset Masterclass!

Remember my friend, the multi-talented Kim? she drew those cute little Novitas characters I showed you in November (Look-Cute), well now she has made a website to take us all step by step through the process of making your own basque or corset. Fantastic, take a look at the link down in the links list or copy and paste the link below and enjoy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Closing early

I've decided to close down the etsy shop a week earlier than I was originally planning. I can tell from my item viewing figures that numbers of browsers have dropped and it seems a little mad to list new items in the week before I close down for the Hols. So the Shop will now close on Saturday the 13th and reopen with lots of NEW things on January the 5th.

I guess I won't make my 100 hearts target (I think there are now 96, heart you too, but haven't had a chance to check out your shops yet!) but hey, ho, I'm in the holiday mood and everything is well with the world.

I have almost finished 4 new clay dolls which need to be posted tomorrow. They are Christmas gifts for friends, I will post pics as soon as they are on their way! :o)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Spring is in the air, or my sketchpad, anyway...

I have a several projects to finish and list before the December close-down, but more exciting for me (at least!) I also have a few changes up my sleeve for when the shop opens again in January. I have been concentrating on getting the Etsy Shop established and all the website artwork done for so long now (it's been a (woolly) Mamoth of a task, and I'm still updating the galleries!) that my dolls have taken a back seat.

Sad, as they are what it's all about!

I have a note book full of new scribbles for dolls though and a big sack full of new fabrics to get started on. I think I've kind of done the plain old gothy/witch rag dolls to their logical conclusion for now, I think I need a break from them. Also the tiny Polymer dolls are a bit limiting, although very enjoyable... so I am planning to combine these 2 techniques and see where that takes me. Watch this space!

Also, I always get pretty low in January/February, doesn't everyone? So, to beat the post-crimbo blues I've decided to go for a more grimm-fairytale folklore look. I've been leafing through a massive book of Russian Folk art today for inspiration and can't wait to get started. I think I'll come straight out of the Christmas break with my Valentine's Day head on and tell you all about it in the next Freaky Little Things Newsletter in Jan. Sign up at my website, if you are interested.

While I am on this new colourful path, I just stumbled across the work of a fellow EGADS Etsy Dollmaker who does beautifull brightly coloured polymer dollies after my own heart, Duh bu Duh designs. Take a peek at her blog, the link is down the side there. :o)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Please make it a hundred!!!

I've just been for a peek in my shop and found that I now have 93 fellow Etsians who "heart" Freaky Little Things. A big hug to you all, I heart you all back. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get 100 before I close down for Christmas - it's good to have goals. :o)

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Website Update

Just a quickie to say that the Jointed Clay Doll section of my website has been updated and features more views of each dolly. Well, those that I have more views of... I only got a decent camera earlier this year and so the majority of my BC dolls (Before Camera) simply don't feature on the website or only have the 1 view.

I've also added a Newsletter subscription button. Bye for now :o)