Thursday, November 20, 2008

to post international or not?

Firstly, my website had it's 100th visitor today! Yipee!!!

On a less happy note, I've had my first International non-delivery saga. Someone ordered some ACEO's from me in late September and I sent them out to the US on October the 1st. That same day I sent another package to the US which arrived a week later. I was eventually contacted in late October by the customer who hadn't had her package. I tried to trace it but only got as far as "We put it on a plane to the USA, it's untrackable now unless you are in the US". Great!

I sent the customer the tracking number but she couldn't find it's whereabouts either. So a week later I sent out a duplicate set of prints by a different postal method AIRSURE which is supposed to be trackable by me once it gets to the States too, the other parcel just needed a signature. Well, I've waited a few weeks and heard nothing then contacted the customer again (who, let's not forget PAID for those little prints back in late September), still no sign of either parcel.

Today, I get the original parcel back with a New York (it was going to Kentucky) post mark and a label that states that the recipient "Failed to collect". I figure Kentucky is probably a bit bigger than Wales and maybe her postal depot is a fair way off (My postal depot is 6 miles away if I have to pick up undelivered mail) and as far as I can tell they never contacted the woman to tell there was a parcel to pick up and sign for in the first place. Ggggrrrrrrrrr!

What am I supposed to do? The woman never got the last parcel either but I can see that it's in Kentucky when I track it. I can't just keep sending parcel after parcel if the mail people over there just don't bother to deliver...but this is making my business look bad. What would you do, any ideas?

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