Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A reason to lose weight!

Well, the threatened diet hasn't really started at all. I sort of forgot about it once I got near the fridge/larder/Tesco and be honest who can diet when they have a coldy/fluey bug, we all need to comfort eat, right?

Last night I found a fantastic clothes and accessories shop on Etsy, Louise Black (I've put the link down the side bar). Her stuff has a wonderful Louise Brooks/ Flapper Girl/German expressionist twist crossed with a darkened Moulin Rouge and is just wonderful. I am particularly in love with this dress, and hopefully it has given me an incentive to diet. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!

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Gail Lackey said...

OOH Louise Black..! I've had her saveed among my favs ever since I started shopping etsy!! That black dress is to die for. Just invision how good you'd look in that little black dress and make it happen!
Hugs, Gail

Yve said...

You make it sound so easy, chocolate, cakes and take-aways speak my language though!