Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raphia's new face

The only doll related thing I did this weekend - strip off Raphia's face and wig and redo her make-up. I was going to copy the Pullip Cornice doll but went my own merry way in the end. Suprise!

I also gave her a beautiful pair of acrylic eyes and some extra eyelashes. I was just trying out the new look for size when her eyelids got stuck in this drooped position and I liked it so glued them like that in the end. I know everyone says this, but she actually looks way better in reality than these pics suggest, the flash has washed out the subtlety of her smokey chalk pastel eyeshadow. She now has a worldly, slightly bored expression that I much prefer to the original "Oh my Gosh" innocent perkiness. And now she definitely won't look like a toddler dressing up in mummy's punky clothes.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to gunpowder,treason and plot, of course. When November the 5th falls on a weekday the whole Bonfire Night thing becomes Bonfire Week or even Fortnight. We had ours on Friday, (Fireworks were ace this year, from LIDL, who would've thought!??!) but saved some rockets for Saturday and Sunday. All my clothes now smell of Bonny smoke and I'm sick of the smell of Hot Dogs and Toffee Apples... finally. The diet started in earnest yesterday. I have a pact with my friend Gill (who did those paintings below) that we must each loose at least half a stone before Christmas.

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