Friday, November 7, 2008

Pullip vs Tae Yang

I was so pleased with the Tae Yang doll that I bough the other week, that I bid on a Pullip (Raphia), just the doll without her stock outfit or box, to see what all the fuss is about. I've heard so much about these dolls (especially Pullip Noir of course) and had looked at a few customized ones on flicker, there is certainly a buzz about them and they cost enough. I fell for "Cornice" from online photos and decided that as I couldn't afford her, I would buy the goody-two-shoes white version - Raphia, and customize her to look like Cornice.

Hhhhmmm, not sure I like Pullip at all now she's here. You can see from the photos below that she is the wrong scale to her "Boyfriend" Tae Yang, her feet in particular are ridiculously small. Her face is also extremely "Chipmunk" like from many angles and actually looks more like the head of a toddler rather than a teen. Very peculiar. Tae Yang's face mould is so beautiful that I was expecting something similar, I suppose. I love him!

Another gripe is the production standards - these are small run limited edition dolls and so you would expect much higher quality control. The number of dolls you hear of mint out of the box, on ebay with 2 left feet, or 2 right feet or even in one case with a foot missing is really quite astonishing. the feet being a bit of a sore point with me at the moment as Tae Yang has got one very stiff leg, it makes a terrible noise as it bends at the knee and the other day his foot fell off. It's fine as the foot is inside his white tights, but I need to undress him soon to get him ready for customizing, I think I'll pack him away in his box where he will be safe from further mishaps until I am ready to start work on him. I'll miss his pretty face though!.

If you are wondering about the odd outfit he's wearing in the photo, I've been wondering about transforming him into Alice in Wonderland as he's easily pretty enough to be a girl. I am contemplating getting him a replacement female Obitsu body before I make the dress, though. Hhhmmm. Anyone got any experience of whether his head will fit a female Obitsu?

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