Monday, November 24, 2008

More Blahhh

Still bored. Got up really early today as I couldn't sleep and had a fluffy cat rump in my face. Really cold sunny day so got loads done, nothing cute to put in the shop sadly, just loads of those nasty jobs that involve tidying up, phoning a "public Servant" (ie being put on hold for 20 minutes then through to the wrong department and finally cut off) and doing sums. I hate maths. Hate, hate, hate doing the books but am also too scrooge-like to pay someone to do it for me.

Cats helped - as Paper-weights generally and also rearranged my filing system with a mid-morning roll around. Thanks. Now it's gone dark and I've run out of steam. Yet another day gone by and I still haven't put pencil to paper... why can't I draw anymore? It used to be what got me out of bed and the reason I never went there until the wee small hours, now my sketch pads remain virgin intactica. Still, with most of the dull jobs done on a Monday, hopefully the rest of the week will be super-productive!??! :o)

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