Friday, November 28, 2008

Eeek, where's my coat?

Just as I was getting organised and crossing things off the to-do list day by day (the list has shrunk to half size this week, hurrah, mostly niggly behind the scenes things)... I just got a call from a design group checking that I am available for next week.

Eeerrr, of course! I love, love, love my work but the plain fact is that the last job I did for them was 2 solid 7 day weeks with rarely less than a 12 hour day. Great for the bank balance - but, somehow I think my last push to get things into the shop before Christmas has somehow bitten the dust.

Still I've got the whole weekend! I am currently piecing together my new Winter Coat! I have had a favourite coat for the last 5 years but when I got it out of storage toward the end of the "Summer", I realised that it was looking really tatty. I found some gorgeous cobalt blue/black woven wool textile and proceeded to take apart my beloved coat to use as a pattern. Cue tons of urgent design jobs and very cold weather. Tee hee! The best laid plans of mice and me... now it's frosty and I don't have a coat old or new.

Tacking all the parts together and getting the interfacing on the right pieces requires the most concentration, so as long as I get that bit finished tonight I can hang it on my tubby little dress form and just machine sew and alter bits whenever I get a spare half hour. So that's the plan for tonight then the whole weekend is devoted to finishing various project for the Etsy shop.

So, better get quit typing and get on with it!

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