Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Custom Gothic Blythe

Confession first: Of course I'd LOVE to get my hands on a Blythe doll and customize it but I just have "Precious Candy's Mushroom" and wouldn't change a hair on her little plaited head. Doesn't stop me looking for that "cheap" fixer-upper of course... A bit like unicorns you want to believe they're out there but actually know that they don't exist at the same time.

But, I am baffled by this trend where people take an already really expensive and always pretty Blythe doll then hack at it with a saw, ruin it, do a bad paint job, a squiffy hair weave, make the eyes kind of crossed then spary the whole lot with MSC and plop it on ebay looking for a small fortune for their efforts. The results often bring to mind the interbreeding often rampant in Royal houses during the middle ages which perhaps explains why they are often called "Princess" something or other.

I kid you not, there is a particular "boy" Blyhte that keeps being re-listed on the US ebay that looks like the little boy with the fiddle from Deliverence, "Squeal Li'l Dolly!"... or was it a banjo?

Anyhow, today, in my usual ebay trawl I came across this little beauty! Bucking the trend by actually improving on the original (Ok there are a FEW others out there doing lovely customs but they do seem to be in the minority!). The artist is called Freddy Tan and he's from Singapore he has loads of other sweeties on his blogspot page, I've put the link down the side as usual. Bless!

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machinarex said...

I've seen some *truly* horrible customizations on Ebay and elsewhere...every now and then someone does something quite cool though!

Yve said...

too true :o)

Blythe said...

Amazing staff. Very cute, I have a attractive Blythe doll that I have collected from at PIJ. I am really happy to have this one.