Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blythe window shopping

I love dolls! I've always loved them and had a fairly vast collection when I was a kid and clearly remember seeing my first Blythe doll back in the early 70's. I never had one just WANTED one! I know I'll never have a Kenner original but I did manage to get hold of a black haired Lounging Lovely a few years back... well, my good friend Susie did, out in Hong Kong.

That was when I was just starting to spiral down into my own personal recession (Hey, I'm always one step ahead of the game) and I was too scared to even open the box because I'd de-value her. Eventually she went the way of all things doll-like and beloved and got sold to pay the rent.

All that's behind me now, I'm not rich but I'm not starving either (oh hell, forgot about the diet!) but every time I look up at the notice board next to my Mac Mini ("The Biscuit Tin" as it's become known) I see my tiny Asian Butterfly Blythe, the only one to escape the great dolly cull and get all whistful.

Said whist led me onto ebay last week and I wound up buying a 2 Pullip's as I just can't justify spending so much on a Blythe. They are expensive anyway and then you have to pay shipping from HK AND that new bloody "Handling Charge" the Post Office introduced in the summer on all imported stuff. Hell they even charge you if it's marked as a present! The Pullip's were a nude Raphia and Tae Yang (see below) but that still hasn't purged the Blythe shaped hole in my life.

I've been feeling pretty ropey this weekend and found myself comfort window shopping for Blythes on ebay in between mugs of lemsip and sneezing bouts. It's addictive. Meanwhile, poor Tae Yang and Raphia sit shivering on the book shelf because I haven't made them any clothes yet!

I can't really start Raphia yet as she is going to have a Face-up (my first ever) and a new wig. I've rerooted old Daisy dolls with saran, which is fiddly but fun, but I guess making the wig will be more like attaching the nylon hair to my Freaky Little Things. The hair arrived on Friday, bright red. I want to give her acrylic eyes too, but I'm still researching that with the help of tutorials on Requiem Art. I will put them in the links section. Tae Yang will just be getting a sex change to become an Alice in Wonderland Lady Boy, this won't involve a new body though as he will look fine once he's outfitted! Will post pics of my progress as I go along.

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