Friday, November 28, 2008

Eeek, where's my coat?

Just as I was getting organised and crossing things off the to-do list day by day (the list has shrunk to half size this week, hurrah, mostly niggly behind the scenes things)... I just got a call from a design group checking that I am available for next week.

Eeerrr, of course! I love, love, love my work but the plain fact is that the last job I did for them was 2 solid 7 day weeks with rarely less than a 12 hour day. Great for the bank balance - but, somehow I think my last push to get things into the shop before Christmas has somehow bitten the dust.

Still I've got the whole weekend! I am currently piecing together my new Winter Coat! I have had a favourite coat for the last 5 years but when I got it out of storage toward the end of the "Summer", I realised that it was looking really tatty. I found some gorgeous cobalt blue/black woven wool textile and proceeded to take apart my beloved coat to use as a pattern. Cue tons of urgent design jobs and very cold weather. Tee hee! The best laid plans of mice and me... now it's frosty and I don't have a coat old or new.

Tacking all the parts together and getting the interfacing on the right pieces requires the most concentration, so as long as I get that bit finished tonight I can hang it on my tubby little dress form and just machine sew and alter bits whenever I get a spare half hour. So that's the plan for tonight then the whole weekend is devoted to finishing various project for the Etsy shop.

So, better get quit typing and get on with it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Custom Gothic Blythe

Confession first: Of course I'd LOVE to get my hands on a Blythe doll and customize it but I just have "Precious Candy's Mushroom" and wouldn't change a hair on her little plaited head. Doesn't stop me looking for that "cheap" fixer-upper of course... A bit like unicorns you want to believe they're out there but actually know that they don't exist at the same time.

But, I am baffled by this trend where people take an already really expensive and always pretty Blythe doll then hack at it with a saw, ruin it, do a bad paint job, a squiffy hair weave, make the eyes kind of crossed then spary the whole lot with MSC and plop it on ebay looking for a small fortune for their efforts. The results often bring to mind the interbreeding often rampant in Royal houses during the middle ages which perhaps explains why they are often called "Princess" something or other.

I kid you not, there is a particular "boy" Blyhte that keeps being re-listed on the US ebay that looks like the little boy with the fiddle from Deliverence, "Squeal Li'l Dolly!"... or was it a banjo?

Anyhow, today, in my usual ebay trawl I came across this little beauty! Bucking the trend by actually improving on the original (Ok there are a FEW others out there doing lovely customs but they do seem to be in the minority!). The artist is called Freddy Tan and he's from Singapore he has loads of other sweeties on his blogspot page, I've put the link down the side as usual. Bless!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

More Blahhh

Still bored. Got up really early today as I couldn't sleep and had a fluffy cat rump in my face. Really cold sunny day so got loads done, nothing cute to put in the shop sadly, just loads of those nasty jobs that involve tidying up, phoning a "public Servant" (ie being put on hold for 20 minutes then through to the wrong department and finally cut off) and doing sums. I hate maths. Hate, hate, hate doing the books but am also too scrooge-like to pay someone to do it for me.

Cats helped - as Paper-weights generally and also rearranged my filing system with a mid-morning roll around. Thanks. Now it's gone dark and I've run out of steam. Yet another day gone by and I still haven't put pencil to paper... why can't I draw anymore? It used to be what got me out of bed and the reason I never went there until the wee small hours, now my sketch pads remain virgin intactica. Still, with most of the dull jobs done on a Monday, hopefully the rest of the week will be super-productive!??! :o)



Sunday, November 23, 2008

lost a pound!

actually lost a pound when I got on the scales this morning, had almost started to think it was impossible. I know that isn't the most exciting first loss on a diet that I allegedly started almost a month ago...but it is a start!

You HAVE to watch this

This video is really scary, especially if you are in the USA and bought your kids Trick or Treat sweets last month. There has been a huge scandal about this and the offending items withdrawn across the EU, most of the world as far as I know. I can't believe that after hundreds of Chineses children died, the FDA in America has quieted this down and not pulled the Melanine tainted sweets/candy from stores.

I thought America led the world in standards of safety but this frightens me, please take the time to listen to this guy if you don't already know about this.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Not that anyone cares, I don't suppose. but the order finally turned up! So now the customer has her prints and I can heave a sigh of relief. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, there it was. :o)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

to post international or not?

Firstly, my website had it's 100th visitor today! Yipee!!!

On a less happy note, I've had my first International non-delivery saga. Someone ordered some ACEO's from me in late September and I sent them out to the US on October the 1st. That same day I sent another package to the US which arrived a week later. I was eventually contacted in late October by the customer who hadn't had her package. I tried to trace it but only got as far as "We put it on a plane to the USA, it's untrackable now unless you are in the US". Great!

I sent the customer the tracking number but she couldn't find it's whereabouts either. So a week later I sent out a duplicate set of prints by a different postal method AIRSURE which is supposed to be trackable by me once it gets to the States too, the other parcel just needed a signature. Well, I've waited a few weeks and heard nothing then contacted the customer again (who, let's not forget PAID for those little prints back in late September), still no sign of either parcel.

Today, I get the original parcel back with a New York (it was going to Kentucky) post mark and a label that states that the recipient "Failed to collect". I figure Kentucky is probably a bit bigger than Wales and maybe her postal depot is a fair way off (My postal depot is 6 miles away if I have to pick up undelivered mail) and as far as I can tell they never contacted the woman to tell there was a parcel to pick up and sign for in the first place. Ggggrrrrrrrrr!

What am I supposed to do? The woman never got the last parcel either but I can see that it's in Kentucky when I track it. I can't just keep sending parcel after parcel if the mail people over there just don't bother to deliver...but this is making my business look bad. What would you do, any ideas?

Monday, November 17, 2008

still a fatty!

Aaaarggghh, got on the scales this morning and realised that all my cutting back hasn't made an ounce (literally) of difference. I might as well have just eaten cakes all week! Still, have just gotten back from my first Physiotherapy session in about 6 weeks, so I will go weekly now and hopefully the flab will fall away. I had to stop going because of the anemia, but I felt OK today, very out of breathe but things will improve with time, at least no migraine, thankfully.

I wonder if anyone else out there gets migraines and needs to eat carbohydrates immediately after or they bounce right back. When I was younger it never affected my weight but I think the constant migraines because of anemia, and the fact that I don't get as much exercise because of my knee injury, well they all add up to a slightly rounder silhouette than I'm used to. I don't recognise myself in the mirror.

What a lot of phooey and excuses, I just need to STOP EATING SO MUCH! :o)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gift Sets

I have a new Goth Girl illustration almost finished, all I'm saying is that it's called "Danika's cat" and he's a very grumpy little moggy indeed. Sneak preview later in the week hopefully, but for now, I am listing some "Gift Sets", an ACEO of "Voodoo Bunny", "Bethany" or "The Mighty Boosh" with a badge. The Mighty set includes 4 cute Booshy badges. The perfect stocking filler just in time for the holiday season... well, if your stockings are sort of ghostly or a fan of alternative comedy. Tee hee :o)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raphia's new face

The only doll related thing I did this weekend - strip off Raphia's face and wig and redo her make-up. I was going to copy the Pullip Cornice doll but went my own merry way in the end. Suprise!

I also gave her a beautiful pair of acrylic eyes and some extra eyelashes. I was just trying out the new look for size when her eyelids got stuck in this drooped position and I liked it so glued them like that in the end. I know everyone says this, but she actually looks way better in reality than these pics suggest, the flash has washed out the subtlety of her smokey chalk pastel eyeshadow. She now has a worldly, slightly bored expression that I much prefer to the original "Oh my Gosh" innocent perkiness. And now she definitely won't look like a toddler dressing up in mummy's punky clothes.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to gunpowder,treason and plot, of course. When November the 5th falls on a weekday the whole Bonfire Night thing becomes Bonfire Week or even Fortnight. We had ours on Friday, (Fireworks were ace this year, from LIDL, who would've thought!??!) but saved some rockets for Saturday and Sunday. All my clothes now smell of Bonny smoke and I'm sick of the smell of Hot Dogs and Toffee Apples... finally. The diet started in earnest yesterday. I have a pact with my friend Gill (who did those paintings below) that we must each loose at least half a stone before Christmas.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pullip vs Tae Yang

I was so pleased with the Tae Yang doll that I bough the other week, that I bid on a Pullip (Raphia), just the doll without her stock outfit or box, to see what all the fuss is about. I've heard so much about these dolls (especially Pullip Noir of course) and had looked at a few customized ones on flicker, there is certainly a buzz about them and they cost enough. I fell for "Cornice" from online photos and decided that as I couldn't afford her, I would buy the goody-two-shoes white version - Raphia, and customize her to look like Cornice.

Hhhhmmm, not sure I like Pullip at all now she's here. You can see from the photos below that she is the wrong scale to her "Boyfriend" Tae Yang, her feet in particular are ridiculously small. Her face is also extremely "Chipmunk" like from many angles and actually looks more like the head of a toddler rather than a teen. Very peculiar. Tae Yang's face mould is so beautiful that I was expecting something similar, I suppose. I love him!

Another gripe is the production standards - these are small run limited edition dolls and so you would expect much higher quality control. The number of dolls you hear of mint out of the box, on ebay with 2 left feet, or 2 right feet or even in one case with a foot missing is really quite astonishing. the feet being a bit of a sore point with me at the moment as Tae Yang has got one very stiff leg, it makes a terrible noise as it bends at the knee and the other day his foot fell off. It's fine as the foot is inside his white tights, but I need to undress him soon to get him ready for customizing, I think I'll pack him away in his box where he will be safe from further mishaps until I am ready to start work on him. I'll miss his pretty face though!.

If you are wondering about the odd outfit he's wearing in the photo, I've been wondering about transforming him into Alice in Wonderland as he's easily pretty enough to be a girl. I am contemplating getting him a replacement female Obitsu body before I make the dress, though. Hhhmmm. Anyone got any experience of whether his head will fit a female Obitsu?

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Full website up and running


it may have taken almost a year to actually get there... and so many discarded designs along the way... but the full Freaky Little Things website is finally launched! There are still a few glitches to fix and all the alternative views of the dolls to add (crickey!) but it's finally there and the visitor counter has started to click, without announcing it I was actually the 8th visitor to check out my own website???

Whatever, I'm exhausted and all WYSIWYG'd out for now, but check back next week as things will start to evolve.

Wondering about Mr Nightshade yet?


I obviously have my promotional head on at the moment, because here are 2 of my favourite original paintings by my friend Gill Bowditch. She has lots of work on the Artists Web, I've put the link down the right in the links list(where else?)...go see!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Look Cute!!!!

Here are some really cute little characters my friend Kim is letting me share with you, I am trying to persuade her to bring them to Etsy and open her own shop. They are sooooo cute, I love that Monkey! What do you think? :o)

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A reason to lose weight!

Well, the threatened diet hasn't really started at all. I sort of forgot about it once I got near the fridge/larder/Tesco and be honest who can diet when they have a coldy/fluey bug, we all need to comfort eat, right?

Last night I found a fantastic clothes and accessories shop on Etsy, Louise Black (I've put the link down the side bar). Her stuff has a wonderful Louise Brooks/ Flapper Girl/German expressionist twist crossed with a darkened Moulin Rouge and is just wonderful. I am particularly in love with this dress, and hopefully it has given me an incentive to diet. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blythe window shopping

I love dolls! I've always loved them and had a fairly vast collection when I was a kid and clearly remember seeing my first Blythe doll back in the early 70's. I never had one just WANTED one! I know I'll never have a Kenner original but I did manage to get hold of a black haired Lounging Lovely a few years back... well, my good friend Susie did, out in Hong Kong.

That was when I was just starting to spiral down into my own personal recession (Hey, I'm always one step ahead of the game) and I was too scared to even open the box because I'd de-value her. Eventually she went the way of all things doll-like and beloved and got sold to pay the rent.

All that's behind me now, I'm not rich but I'm not starving either (oh hell, forgot about the diet!) but every time I look up at the notice board next to my Mac Mini ("The Biscuit Tin" as it's become known) I see my tiny Asian Butterfly Blythe, the only one to escape the great dolly cull and get all whistful.

Said whist led me onto ebay last week and I wound up buying a 2 Pullip's as I just can't justify spending so much on a Blythe. They are expensive anyway and then you have to pay shipping from HK AND that new bloody "Handling Charge" the Post Office introduced in the summer on all imported stuff. Hell they even charge you if it's marked as a present! The Pullip's were a nude Raphia and Tae Yang (see below) but that still hasn't purged the Blythe shaped hole in my life.

I've been feeling pretty ropey this weekend and found myself comfort window shopping for Blythes on ebay in between mugs of lemsip and sneezing bouts. It's addictive. Meanwhile, poor Tae Yang and Raphia sit shivering on the book shelf because I haven't made them any clothes yet!

I can't really start Raphia yet as she is going to have a Face-up (my first ever) and a new wig. I've rerooted old Daisy dolls with saran, which is fiddly but fun, but I guess making the wig will be more like attaching the nylon hair to my Freaky Little Things. The hair arrived on Friday, bright red. I want to give her acrylic eyes too, but I'm still researching that with the help of tutorials on Requiem Art. I will put them in the links section. Tae Yang will just be getting a sex change to become an Alice in Wonderland Lady Boy, this won't involve a new body though as he will look fine once he's outfitted! Will post pics of my progress as I go along.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

website sneaky peak

You can get a sneaky peak at the brand spanking new Freaky website at:

It's just the "enter" page for the moment until it moves to it's permanent address at some time next week! I kept my promise to publish on Halloween, just not in the right place!

Got flu so going back to bed, now, oh yesss, sniff :o(