Monday, October 13, 2008

poor little soul

The poor little soul from the post below didn't sell, I don't know why, she is really quite sweet in her own startle-faced grumpy way. Obviously I stopped making this kind of doll years ago (actually, I only made a few from fleece as I always knew I wanted to paint the faces).

Anyway, I'm still convinced that there is someone who will love her out there, so she now lives in the esty shop, at a really low price, too. I am sorting through loads of stuff from my work space and starting a De-stash miscellany section in the shop, too.

I am such a hoarder and collect all sorts, thinking they will be needed for a craft project one day. Many, many days, no YEARS later and this stuff is STILL here! I think I will just look at everything realistically and get it photographed and listed on etsy.

In some ways I don't want to clutter up the shop with non-FLT stuff, but on the other hand my cat couldn't swing a mouse in here these days. Lordy!!!

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