Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween approaching fast..

Yeeeaaarrrgh.. Halloween is just a week away and I have sooooooo much to do BUT I am also inundated with freelance work (I mean HURRAY, as I will be able to afford to eat next month!) and can spare so little time for Freaky Little Things right now. I have frazzled myself a bit this last 10 days or so and decided to let myself wake up without the alarm for a treat this morning. Well, I say MORNING, I actually awoke at ten to midday and that was mainly due to my cat, Matilda, rolling over so that her fur was blocking up my nose and I sort of ran out of non-cat-filtered oxygen. She was a mit miffed as a force nine gale was blowing through the bedroom and my breath was keeping her warm.

Many cups of tea later and I'm just thinking about how much design work I still have to get through before I can indulge in a bit of FLT. I promised myself (and readers of the last FLT newsletter) that my website would be up and running by Halloween and that's one deadline I MUST keep. It may have to be in a slightly reduced format that I can add to later as there's still plenty to do.

I also have 3 dolls half finished that I wanted to go in the shop ages ago, a Witch, a Vampire and the Pirate I previewed a while back. The Witch and Vampire have completely gessoed and painted faces and hands, the Vampire even has painted boots and tights. The Pirate just needs his sword and hat, and maybe a battered Jolly Roger cape?

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