Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gingerbread dolls

Last week, whenever I had a spare moment I was tinkering about with the new doll idea that I've had. I was looking at Gingerbread Men in a cake shop window... cake shop windows always magnetically draw my eyes for some reason...and thought it would be nice to try and create a Freaky little Thing with that kind of simplicity. I also want to start some Matryoshka style dolls too, so the 2 ideas kind of welded together.

I produced a linocut over several nights (I am a wimp and keep cutting myself, that tends to put me off for a while) then tried printing it onto calico. The results were pretty much disasterous after all the effort doing the linocut! The only half decent print I got became the slightly larger doll/cushion at the back in the photo below. I backed her with some fluffy black polar fleece and coloured her with fabric paints and 3D paints. She looks just OK, some of the print area goes into the seams because I didn't leave enough space around the edge.

Attempt number 2 was to draw up the image in Illustrator (I could just have tidied up my original sketch but figured that I would eventually have to scan it and tidy it up again, so why not start as I mean to go on?) then transfer it to the calico using Image Maker. That is a bit time consuming and I had to go to the library to get photocopies as it's the toner that transfers and you don't get any from my ink jet printer. Sorry, geek tech stuff there! Anyway, one very sore finger from rubbing off the photocopy later and I got a really nice print on the calico. I coloured this up and like the shiny plasticy feel of the finished result, so backed her with polar fleece again and hey presto, the smaller doll at the front.

If only I had remembered to leave extra seam room at the edges she would be in the etsy shop right now! Later in the week I went and did more photcopies but the paper was different and wouldn't transfer to the cloth... aaaaarrrrgh! Hopefully, some time next week I will actually get one right! At least I have used the image to make some book marks, they will be in the shop later. It's so damn dark today the photos came out poo, so I will have to mock up a few images.

If I thought anyone ever read the blog I would ask for your comments on the new dolls!??!

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Defiance Of God said...

Don't know if I'd eat them, but hey, have you thought of doing dolls for the movie Twilight. Gonna be big. I've convinced my band - to let me write a song about it. U never know.
Dani x

Yve said...

Aaaahhh, if only I made edible dolls (I'd be about 3 times the size and never sell anything!). Cool to have a band! Not sure what Twighlight is though, will have to investigate and report back. :o)