Friday, October 3, 2008

feeling perky at last

Wow, the sun is out and I woke up feeling FINE today, the first morning that's happened in a few weeks. I have some kind of anemia, a very low iron content at the moment (well, looking on the bright side, at least I won't go rusty any time soon) and it is setting off wall to wall migraines, the last bout lasted 6 days, before that the longest bout was for 8 days about 3 weeks ago. Lucky I work from home and the freelance design work is quite quiet at the moment as I am not getting much done at all.

I miss working on my dolls and stuff for the shop but my eyes have not been up to it most of the time. Either blurred vision or big flashes of lightening just at the corner of my eyes. The ACEOs were supposed to be an afternoon's work but took the best part of a week.

But today is different, hurrah!!! It's beautiful outside, like a picture postcard Autumn day and all the fruit trees are kind of bowed with apples, huge pears and damsons. The birds are having a great time in the elderberry tree, splattering the garden with purple juice. I love this time of year.

Hhhhmmmm, anemia, no one can believe it as I eat healthily (PLUS chocolate and cakes of course)... kind of ironic for someone who makes little vampires. I am giving the evil's to a particular half finished dolly as I type this....

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