Sunday, October 26, 2008, diet, diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lordy, I've made a fateful decision tonight after an unguarded glance in the mirror earlier...Tomorrow I DIET! I've decided to announce this for the public record (not that anyone ever reads this) and shame myself into action.

In my mind I still have my relatively svelte size 12 frame, only foolish ventures into the non-elasticated waist section of my wardrobe prove otherwise which is why I tend to stick to baggy and roomy clothing.

Working alone from home definitely has it's disadvantages. At first not having to wear make-up and coordinated outfits every day seems like a welcome release... then, one day (today) you realise that you are actually a size or two larger and have gotten used to your wan spotty complexion and raisins in uncooked dough eyes (I have deep set dark eyes and that with the pale skin kind of make mascara compulsory unless I want to look like a smiley face - this one :0(....

Will actually have to weigh myself tomorrow to see the real damage and go from there. Will post my progress in the days to come, wish me luck!

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