Friday, September 12, 2008

Yay, up really early (for a change, NOT a morning person) and managing to get loads done. No freelance today so catching up with the Freaky Little Things backlog. Just thought I'd post a pic of the Devilette Polymer doll, the sun was actually out earlier so got a shot of her at last with reglued horns. She is a replacemnet for a doll I made about 18 months ago, she used to sit in the twig frame on my wall with a bunch of other misfits but fell when I was trying to photograph her for my website and smashed to smithereens. I think I like her replacement just as much now, although they never turn out exactly the same no matter how hard I try.

The 2 mermaids and showgirl fairy (although I feel she may in fact be a vampire) are all sitting out to dry after their final coat of varnish, so they just need clothing (or "finning" in the case of the Mermaids) and wigging, then they are ready to photograph too! Trying to think of some props for the fishy girls. When this is all done I have promised myself I will draw, something that I don't do often enough anymore, damn you Apple Mac!

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