Thursday, September 25, 2008

New shape body

Feeling a bit stressed out today and realised that I am putting an awful lot of pressure on myself to get stuff out for Halloween sales. I have decided to cut myself some slack and maybe delete a few items from the ever present "To Do" list!

I work under great pressure in my freelance work and actually thrive on it in a mad way, but "Freaky Little Things" was meant to be an escape, just something for pleasure. Since opening the Etsy shop I have been going hell-for-leather in every spare moment to get new stuff to list. Because I never know when the next freelance job will come up, I often start an illustration or a doll and then have to stop halfway because an urgent freelance thing comes up. I always mean to go back to the original project but other things pop into my head (aaaarrrggh, I can NEVER use that phrase without hearing the line from Ghostbusters: "WHAT just POPPED in there, Ray?" as the Staypuffed Marshmallow Man comes stomping toward them!) and maybe I get carried away and start a whole new project... then I have all these half-finished things lying around crying out for my attention and I FEEL STRESSED!!!!!!!!!

So, who is stressing me out? Well, ME of course.

Here is one doll that fell by the wayside for a week or so...she has the new body shape that I drew up to try and give a better "corset" look to the clothes. In the past whenever I have put corsets or bustiers on a doll they look a bit lumpy somehow, but now the waist will have a nice curve to it. I have also finally gotten round to drawing up a definitive pattern. Up to now I just cut around the last shapes that I cut and over time the dolls have been getting bigger and bigger without me noticing! When you put tall Witchy hats on them they become a bit of a nightmare to package and the last 4 or 5 have been too tall for the doll stand! She's a more manageable size but I may slim and elongate the legs a little for the next doll.

She is going to have an Edwardian outfit with a bustle at the back and hopefully lots of detailing. She will also have a tall elegant hat with lots of little bats flying round it. I have been looking at Topsy Turvy's hats for inspiration, they are AMAZING!(see link)

When she is finished I will get going on "Little Red", with her velvet cape and hood, who has been on my sketchpad for ages it would seem, screaming to be made...I was going to make her and enter her into The Dark Side September exhibition, but have decided she will just be ready when she's ready. I am going to go back to taking my time and enjoying the process of making dolls!

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