Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mighty Boosh

Going a bit ACEO crazy at the moment. Both of the ACEOs I listed last night sold today after less than 24 hours, which is encouraging. I have been dying to get some of my artwork into the shop, hoping it will get me back to drawing again - I REALLY miss drawing - but just haven't had the time until now. Freelance work always brings these projects to a premature halt and sometimes I forget to go back and finish images I start working on for myself. I still back up all my iMac work on discs and sometimes (well, MOST of the time) I'm a bit haphazard about listing what's actually on the discs, so finding old work isn't always that easy.

Routing through my back-ups I found the illustration below of "The Mighty Boosh" from about a year ago. I'd forgotten about it. I was originally approached to do a mag illustration and sent in a quick sketch but they decided to go with a stock photo (the ups and DOWNS of freelancing) but I completed the image anyway, so this isn't commissioned or done with Freaky Little Things in mind either, just spec work for my folio. Fan Art when you get down to it! I love drawing faces and used to do so many portraits and caricatures back in the 80's and early 90's. Illustration became a bit of a waste land by the mid-90's because everyone who was commissioning for ads and mags just wanted computer generated images, I am lucky I had design skills to fall back on.

Anyway, enough of that ramble/grumble! Looking at it after all this time I decided I do like it, but thought it might be too full of detail to squeeze down to an ACEO. Well, just did a test print and it looks fine, Mighty Fine, in fact, that's what it says in the right corner above Howard Moon's head! Gotta Love the Boosh! If you are also a fan, I found some  mad little knitted Vince and Howard dolls in an Etsy shop. The shop is based near me in Prestatyn too, which is quite freaky, n'est pas? Anyhow, have a look, I put the link into the list as Vince & Howard dolls, enjoy!

PS: I drove through Dyserth earlier and there is what appears to be a large crochet Yoda figure peeping over someone's garden hedge... I would have thought I was hallucinating but had my Mother in the car and she saw it too! Anyone care to explain???


alb said...

I know I'm about 4 years behind the times here, but let me know if you put a print of this in your Etsy shop! It's stunning! Boosh Love. :)

Yve said...

Hi, thanks for the belated compliment :o)

Sadly I had the print in the shop for several years but eventually decided to no longer offer it for sale as I had two incidences of T Shirt Companies using it without permission on their product and claiming it as their work and have also been told it was being sold in countless postcard and greeting card forms by unscrupulous traders. Because of this I no longer sell it and stick to selling non "fan" art!

alb said...

Oh, that's just awful!! I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm also sorry some companies have to ruin it for the rest of us who want to legitimately support art. ;(

alb said...

also, if you ever feel secure in offering it again, you can find me on blogspot or as PsychedelicOatmeal on Etsy. :)