Friday, September 19, 2008


The 2 cartoony mermaid doll/ornaments are finally ready to go into the shop. What a long and tortuous process this has been. I've never had so many things go wrong with one batch of polymer dolls before. Out of 5 that went into the oven only 3 have survived intact and one other has lost all her limbs! I am going to try sculpting with Paper Clay in future, see how I get on with that.

Still, they are ready and have been photographed, They both have little tatoos on their arms, one, pictured, has a skull and cross swords, the other has an anchor... I figure that mermaids would probably be Pirate "molls". I also wanted these dolls to look a bit battered and aged like ships figureheads. I just need to finish the little Vampire Showgirl and they will all get listed on Etsy this evening.

Speaking of Etsy, I came across a lovely shop yesterday, called Ravenhill. It's full of lovely little cloth Matryoshka dolls. They are so sweet and reminded me that I have a whole batch of "wicked" Matryoshka dolls that I was working on a while back at the beginning of the summer. They got shoved to the back of the wardrobe (where a lot of my projects go, I used to have 2 wardrobes full of clothes but now FLT has taken over one of them and all my poor clothes are squeezed into 1...which is why I always look so crumpled!) when some freelance work interrupted play (so often the case, but I am not complaining THAT actually pays the bills!). I have dug them out now, and intend to finish them and get them listed by next week if possible. I have soooo many half-started projects to get finished.

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