Monday, September 8, 2008


Having the usual disaster-prone time with my last batch of polymer dolls. The little skelly sold after 24 hours in the shop happily, but the other dolls haven't even been finished yet. My friends, many of whom have my polymer dolls as presents, keep asking why I don't sell them in the shop yet, do more of them, etc? Well, because I am a naturally clumsy person and I smash everything. I think for every 3 dolls that go into the oven roughly 2 get smashed or at the very least need new limbs - I might as well re-christen Hellgirl as "superglue girl" as her LEFT horn got smashed off last night. Just as well she wasn't intended for sale, but still annoying.

I dropped the Elf head (pictured below, Ploymer Clay Experiment, 23rd of Aug) and one of her ears got smashed off, so I decided to remove both and sand the head back smooth, hopefully long hair will make that OK. Then, the biggest disaster of all, I broke one arm and one leg belonging to one of the dance-hall fairies. So that means that she has to wait until I bake the NEXT batch to get some replacement limbs. I was in the process of taking off all the layers of varnish and paint at the time. The last tube of black Acrylic paint I bought (Liquitex...avoid using on polymer clay is my advice) has turned out to be a really bad investment. It just will not dry. I have left them for a fortnight but all the black areas were STILL tacky and attracting dust and fluff. I even used the gloss varnish on one doll thinking that it was dry enough but it reacted badly with the varnish. It is really disheartening having to go back to square one with the painting.

Happily, 2 jointed mermaids that I started a week ago, seem to be coming along fine and will hopefully get finished and into the shop before the end of the week. I have resorted to crackle glazing the other dolls as I can't face doing all those layers of paint again. They are really too small for the crackle glaze to look really effective and I will paint over most of it, but a good base layer of spray paint will speed up their rehabilitation.

Someone who uses the crackle effect really well on her truly amazing dolls is Rachael Kinnison of Diamond K Folk Art, I've only just discovered her dolls and I am stunned at how much work goes into them. Take a look at her blog (on the links list) as she details all the incredible period costumes she creates for them, jaw-dropping. I LOVE her tiny witchy-poo dolls in their little straw filled boxes too. Want one! :0)


Rachael Kinnison said...

THANKYOU for visiting my Blog & mentioning my dollys~ I really appreaciate it! I love your little skeleton dolly down a bit lower on your posts~ hes REALLY cute!
kindest, Rachael

Yve said...

Thanks so much - My first comment! Yve :o)