Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Disaster averted... or repaired

Hurrah... last night I managed to paint up both the polymer mermaids and the Show-girl Fairy. The other show girl is now sadly limbless as I decided it would be easier to make 2 new PAIRS of legs and arms rather than trying to match the remaining limbs. No point in painting the torso or I'll have to match up the flesh tone paint too, which is always a nightmare as acrylic tends to dry lighter than when it's mixed.

I love these tiny dolls but I'm now thinking that it might be easier to scale them up a bit and then they would be less prone to my clumsiness. Oh well. I don't know why I drop things so much, I'm forever putting things down on tables that don't exist and tripping over cats that do. When jewellery was my Craft-du-jour the kitties were constantly bead encrusted... I was always dropping tiny spacer beads on the floor, and the cats, who love to join in, were always rolling around and picking them up in their fur. Quite handy really. A cat's love of crafting is less handy when you are dealing with thread/wool/yarn or anything similar as you often find that they've chewed through a length or just tangled everything. The person who discovered felting obviously had a cat.

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