Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seriously, is anyone there?

Wow, it seems like months since I last wrote an entry...woke up last Saturday night and felt like I had a pain in my right eye, like an eyelash or something not too dramatic. But it wouldn't go away and I couldn't go back to sleep as I couldn't close the eyelid. Freaky!

Even worse by Monday morning and really painful too, so had to go to the Docs. Turned out I have conjunctivitis and a cyst in my right eye. Yippee. Worse of all, no close work for a week or so. So that's no drawing, sewing or I can still play on the Mac, right? Wrong - no blogging, listing stuff on Etsy, no trawling Etsy looking at all the amazing stuff that other people make, no messing around on the Mac at all. I haven't even been reading my emails!!!

Feeling a lot better now, but returning to work quite gradually as I don't want that pain back. At least I have done some tidying and changed my work space around. A little tip (probably a no-brainer to everyone else, but here goes anyway...) put your drawing desk to the right of a window if you, like me, are right handed. Then, as I've only recently noticed, the light from the window doesn't cast a big shadow of your hand over everything that you draw/sew and you probably won't get conjunctivitis/cysts in your eyes from struggling to see what you are doing in your badly lit cave of a work room.

I also found a stash of old dolls, some of the first ones I made and didn't want to sell at craft fairs (bags were my thing in those days). I think I will list them all on Ebay to try and advertise my Etsy shop and reach a wider audience. I have been both a buyer and a seller on Ebay in the past and as a buyer they treat you with kid-gloves but when you sell these days Ebay immediately treats you as though you are a potential fraud, you get tarred with the same brush as really dodgy sellers. Odd way to treat your customers, as it's the seller that pays Ebay's fees, not the customer. Rant over.

Off to rest my eyes!

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