Saturday, August 23, 2008

Polymer clay experiment

Been doing allsorts over the last few days, have half finished 3 new rag dolls and have about 5 others at the start of their journey... that's just a flowery way of saying some are painted, some are cut out some are even sewn and one is partly stuffed! Trying to get a good amount of stock together before Halloween season really starts. From doing craft fairs way back I know that August is always dead sales wise, so need to work really hard in the next week and get lots ready to photograph and list. Would have been working hard on the illustration side too if it wasn't for the eye infection, I still can't spend too long on the computer before my eyes sting!

Also decided to finish off some polymer dolls that I started a few months back, I realised that the limbs for a few of them were a bit dodgy/out of scale, so threw them away. Spent friday afternoon modelling and baking some new ones and then decided to try an experiment. I see lots of semi-realistic looking clay fairies on ebay and thought I'd have a go at modelling one as this newest block of clay is a pale flesh tone. Typically I overpaint loads of layers to eliminate that "realistic" colour, but decided to give something different a try.

The pictures below show the head, hands and feet that I made. They are to a much larger scale than any of my previous clay dolls. They were painted too, although I've left the shoes until I know what fabric I will use for her costume. I am thinking that her body and limbs will be a skinny rag doll, probably with an internal wire armature to hold up the head. I made the head flat thinking that attaching saran hair would be easier with a rag/stuffed scalp to sew to. We went to see Hellboy2 (amazing creatures/special effects in search of a plot as usual, good fun though... I have a big soft spot for ol' Hellboy himself, prossibly because he's Tikka Marsala coloured?) the other night and I think she will be an Elf princess with long white hair. We'll see if it all works out!

Happily it turned out better than these photos suggest! Well enough for me to want to try and sculpt more, and let's face it, BETTER faces and hands. The skin has a lovely translucent quality and the green underpainting is a lot more subtle than these suggest. I'm quite pleased with her for a first go, but I'm not sure if she might also be my last in this kind of clay. Obviously she isn't very "real" at all, just closer than I would normally go (check out those cartoony hands, couldn't resist!). She's an experiment and hopefully if I can perfect attaching a polymer head and limbs to a rag body I might try some more stylised dolls in the next few months. Watch this space. :o)

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