Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newest Witch Doll

I finished this Witch Doll last night and have been waiting for a break in the black clouds all day to get her photographed and listed. I prefer to shoot my dolls outside in the garden or in the woods to add interest but have had NO chance with this abysmal summer. I am now finishing off a Spook Elf and a little Goth Girl who will wear a replica of the Prairie Gothic dress featured on the older plush doll from a few entries back. Will hopefully be able to show you them by the weekend.


Tara Fortin said...

Hi! I linked your blog on my sidebar. Now I can pop by here once in a while to see your cute dolls. :-D

Yve said...

Thanks, always lovin' Batcats stuff, he's so cute... as is Rocko of course! Yve :o)