Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is anyone out there????

Back again, while I am on the subject of graphic flat colour character illustration versus more hand drawn textural stuff, have a look at Tara Fortin's work at Blacklilypie on etsy, she combines both to good effect. lovin' Bat cat!

Have just spent a few minutes re-doing my profile, so it actually has MY interests and hobbies now instead of my cat matilda's. Typical of a cat to create a blog then not bother to write anything. She's sleeping off a very adventurous and VOCAL night on the tiles (or, more accurately, in the shrubbery) squealing at the neighbour's cat. They just seem to sit face to face all glassy eyed and bristly making strangled noises... quite a few people in this locality would cheerfully have strangled both of them around 3am this morning.

I wonder if anyone actually reads this stuff??? I never get any comments!

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