Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Attic

So what else have I been doing with my no reading/drawing/Apple Macing time? Well, rummaging round in a dark, badly lit, creepy, spider filled attic is probably not recommended when you have blurry vision, a dodgy knee and no sense of balance (or direction) but I've always had a sense of adventure... well, as long as it doesn't involve leaving the house. Actually, must 'fess up - we don't have an attic... but I've always wanted one as they seem to be a Gothic requirement (along with a basement, dungeon, or, even better, an oubliette!) but we do have a dark forbidding box room, which is where I found the little lady pictured below.

When I moved back to the old family homestead, after yet another misadventure abroad (England) I had to cram a whole cottage worth of stuff into one large but not exactly Tardis-like bedroom and it just wouldn't fit. So half my life is still boxed up and in a kindly neighbour's garage gathering dust and mould spores. But I have moved in and out of this house several times and there were also some boxes under a few years worth of detritus in the aptly named box room, too. Worth a look when you are bored, I thought.

Hurrah, I found a stash of some of my earliest doll making attempts, I knew they were here somewhere. Basically about 5/6 years ago I was making Bags and selling them at occasional craft fairs to supplement my Design/Illustration business. I saw a Gothic rag doll somewhere, possibly one by Tattered Rags (see links list) and really wanted one. With me, and I suppose most creative people I'm sure, that quickly turned into "I want to make one". So I started messing around and trying stuff out, I was also pretty keen on the whole Primitive look too and I think that shows in the doll I've pictured, well, her clothes anyway. She was definitely one of my first few, I kept her because I loved the dress, sort of Primitive Gothic, if you like. Hmmm, I do like that phrase, has a ring to it. She seems to be the ghost of little Laura Ingalls from Little Haunted House on the Prairie with those bloomers too.

Anyhow, I sold quite a few along with the bags back then but must have packed the rest up when I stopped doing the fairs. I've given them all an airing, a bit of a clean where needed and spruced up a few (Zombie Ingalls got a lovely glow-in-the-dark skull head choker, for instance) and think I will list them on ebay.... YES, EBAY!!!!! Haven't been back to ebay since they introduced their ridiculously unfair new feedback system, but they do get a wider audience than Etsy and hopefully it will bring more people into the shop. Worth a try. Will start listing next week.

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