Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sewing machine blues

Just what I need, the sewing machine is broken again. Well, I say "again" but it was never really fixed unless stitching about 3 inches fine before going berserk counts. It wouldn't be too bad if it hadn't cost so damn much to get it done in the first place. I seem jinxed as far as getting stuff finished to list in the Esty shop is concerned. It has to go back to the Sodding Singer Shop later, lord knows how long it will be gone this time.

I concentrated on doing the hair for the latest fairy doll last night, synthetic streaked blonde, with a lovely wild soft twisty cream yarn and fine silky twisted ribbon in creams and pale greens. I plaited two strands around her forehead to hide the synthetic hair seams and she looked really sweet. Sadly though, I had to glue on the ribbon & yarn threads and the glue-gun blobs kept poking through the fine layers of synthetic hair. Couldn't think of any way round it and so the whole lot had to come off. I always find that the crown of the head is the hardest part with this synthetic hair, so have decided to bypass that completely and give her a cute little felt pixie hat. That can all be hand stitched, then I can finish of 4 more Wilfs and photograph some bags I made a few weeks ago, then thats it, all I can do until the sewing machine is back.

Well, obviously this is the time to concentrate on the artwork!!!

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