Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ongoing saga...

Back again finally. Have been unable to blog because of general computer eccentricity. Keys that do nothing when you hit them, etc... That was using my old back-from-the-dead eMac, certified a gonner prematurely a fortnight ago and now resuscitated. But like something from a gothic Victorian novel, it came back from the brink, kind of "altered". Nothing works right when it comes to mail or the internet, probably because it's got an older Operating System (Tiger?) and now most web browsers don't support it. Had to wait for Virgin to send me a new router so I could connect on my new shiny Mac Mini.

As I work in my bedroom and this new Mac has a remote control, I've sneakily realised that I will be able to check my email's from under the duvet of a cold winter's morning. How cool is that? Or warm in this case.

Back to the dolls - have been busy with design work all week so was really looking forward to the weekend and getting some more dolls finished for the Esty shop. Have finished a fairy, she's kind of cute. That's a bit of a problem for me to be honest. I prefer the darker, odder dolls and never feel really happy with the straight fairies. They work much better in polymer clay to my mind - the ones I've made so far have all look like slightly tarty Burlesque dancers just dressed up as fairies, which is more what I was aiming at. the rag dolls always look sweet and innocent, which is why I more often create "Spook Elves", naughty, dark and dangerous little winged mischief makers.

The 2 pirates are coming along slowly too. Slowly being the word, I tripped and twisted my ankle yesterday and so I am fighting pain-killer lethargy and hobbling round on a walking stick. That shouldn't cause too much trouble in theory, when I'm sat at a desk with everything I need around me but in reality there have been paint spillages and lots of things I've forgotten which are just out of reach. Chaos, my natural element. Will have to take pictures and post on here tomorrow

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