Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daisy Doll

I mentioned my favourite fashion doll from the 70's a few posts back, the Daisy Doll by Mary Quant. I imagine everyone knows who Mary Quant is, but just in case... Quant was the hippest London fashion designer back in the swinging sixties and, I'm pretty sure, invented the Mini Skirt. Her logo was a simple 5 petal daisy and in the mid seventies she worked with a doll manufacturer in Hong Kong to launch her own dress-up doll with a fantastic range of funky fashions.

I think production continued into the 80's, but the classic Daisy look and most collectible clothes are from the 70's. I had one as a kid and she was my absolute favourite, she was a few inches shorter than Barbie with a much more fashionable figure and way better clothes. Barbie always had that top-heavy silicone breast implant thing going, which I never liked, even as a child. I wasn't keen on her big, vacant grin either. She always seemed a bit trailer trash, no matter how sparkly the gown. Daisy on the other hand had a whistful, enigmatic expression and such delicate features. And she was British!!! I was never keen on our other Brit doll, Sindy, because of her swelled head and stumpy limbs, but looking back now she seems kind of innocent and cute.

Here are some photos I took of my daisy collection a few hot summers ago. Proof that the sun does actually shine on Wales occasionally. Sadly the dolls are all gone now, I needed the money a few years back and auctioned them all on Ebay. I really wish I had hung onto them, but maybe will start collecting again, who knows.

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DollsAllOver_DK said...

Hi I just stumbled over your blog, and as a "hard core" Daisy collector, i was ROFL over your comment about Barbie!!! I feel the same way and usually says that she looks as if she is on happy pills all the time...
If you need a doze of Daisy you are welcome to look at my site :
Or I can recommend this one too:
Take care, Helene.