Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The continuing adventures of...

Here we are again, another week another blog. My Mac died last weekend taking all my passwords with it to the grave and so I can't continue blogging at "Freaky Little Blog". This is now my 3rd attempt at keeping a blog going on this site, begining to think I'm jinxed!?!

My last entry was on the 1st of July and concerned the opening of my shop on esty (see the links opposite). Since then I have been snowed under with design work and haven't had time for the dolls. Within the first week of opening, though, I sold one of the 2 dolls I'd listed (Dotty Witch below) to a old friend of my Freaky Little Dolls. A big hello and Thank you to the lovely Witch Betty :o) xxx

There is no room for me to work at present, as the new apple Mac is on one desk, piled high with work folders and fabric samples for the freelance job, and the old mac - I'm typing away on it right now - it on the sewing table. I have managed to get the old faithful working again although I had to completely erase the hard-drive and lost a fair bit of work. I have no idea how much longer it will last for as it is still behaving eratically, and typically, the new wonder-machine is too new and advanced (with its Intel Processor, whoopi doo) for me to connect to the internet. Waiting on a new router. Included in the "gone forever" pile, unfortunately, is the Freaky Little Things mailing list... so if you were on it, or would like to be, convo me at the etsy shop and I will send out the next newsletter to you.

Think that's it for now. I know the etsy shop is a bit dull with just one doll, but within the week there will be more listings and I aim to list something new every week from August onward. I've got lots of stuff half made so that should all start to come together.


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