Friday, April 28, 2017

Moving home for my blog

I've made a lot of changes to my "online presence" (hee hee, what a daft thought) lately, all in an effort to streamline my workload and just make life easier. I have a new website, mainly to showcase my design/illustration portfolio and link to other places you can find me on t'internet. It makes sense to move the blog over there now too. and so from now on, you will find me rambling on about design work, George the cat and maybe even a bit of doll making from time to time.... at:

I also just opened a new downloadable design shop on Creative Market

...and, sadly, due to etsy's heavy handed demand that we all now accept their new inefficient payment system (pretty much instead of Paypal) by May 17th or they will suspend our shops, I have had to empty my etsy shop. I have moved everything over to Folksy.... which feels just like etsy used to in the good old days before they accepted mass produced goods...

So, I hope you will all join me at these new places, and most of all, come and find me on my new blog. All change! :o)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Male Vampire!

...And finally, for now anyway, a Male Vampire Paper Art Doll! It's not easy trying to find enough really good quality vintage images of men and especially their fashions, for some reason. As the Men of yesteryear used to take so much trouble with their appearance I find that quite astonishing. I was wondering if perhaps, as men were free to visit their tailor whenever they wanted, and see the latest trends in clothing face to face, as they were always out and about in the world, maybe there wasn't the same need for lavishly illustrated clothing catalogues. Women, by and large, tended to stay closeted indoors... at least that is my guess? Here's Viggo, anyway.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Digital Download available

Hortense the Vampire has joined the coven of Witches in my Digital Download selection, check them out on Etsy :o)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Long time no blog!

WOW!!!!  It has been such a long time since I have even seen my blog, let alone wrote anything here. Does absence make the heart grow fonder.... or did Facebook just drive me away in search of a saner/calmer, less toxic way to communicate? Who knows.

To be brutally honest, design work has taken up so much of my time that there was nothing arty or crafty to share over the blog-drought anyway. Things have finally quietened down  a little now so I am turning my attention back to my shop and finishing a few projects that just never made it in there.

First up are some Altered Art Witch Paper Dolls which have provided my first foray into digital downloads. Ludmilla and Demelza are both available to download now on etsy and will soon be joined by Hortense the Vampire.  I am also working on sheets of themed ephemera for you to reuse for your own altered artwork and scrapbooking.

I also have some George Barbier inspired hand drawn paper dolls in the pipeline. Because they are my own original artwork, they will only be available to buy ready assembled and packaged, like my Vampire Showgirls and the Burlesque Mermaids. I have had a few requests to provide them for other people to work with because people don't seem to realise that they are original drawings. Yes, certainly I adorn them with vintage scraps to add to the period feel but I drew them myself in an aim to make them look "vintage", so maybe that's a compliment?

Incidentally, if you are wondering who George Barbier is, just do a Google search and wallow in the sheer beauty of one of my all time favourite illustrators. I spent many an hour in childhood slavishly copying his gorgeous drawings. Having rediscovered my love of all things Art Deco lately, I thought it would be nice to revisit the spirit of his decadent creatures and turn them into paper dolls. watch this space :o)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Finally Online!

Wow, it's been the culmination of a project stretching back 3 years, but today, FINALLY, the Cult of Doll Almanac is finally up on line, free for anyone who would like to see a collection of fantastic hand made dolls and read a collection of short stories all loosely connected by.... well, I'll let you find that out ;o)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Araminta WIP pics

Here, finally, are some work in progress photos of the doll I have made for the Cult of Doll project. Her name is Miss Araminta Rookswood, and she is the central figure of the Cult of Doll Almanac who brings together all the  other stories. We will be publishing the Almanac on Issuu this Sunday (24th of April) so check at or Facebook page for the link, it's free!
Not only will you meet the finished Araminta doll and get to read her first adventure, but you will also see, brand new dolls (and read their accompanying stories) by all of our incredibly talented members: Melanie Ashton, Asphyxia, Brian Blacknick, Jenine Davidson, Sarah Faber, Valerie A Gladstone, Gwenda Hague, Hally Levesque, Kailee Maree, Richelle Nicole, Rhissanna and Cynthia Toy. I has been such a joy to work on this and get to bring it to life with such a lovely, creative and jolly nice bunch of artists and I hope lots of people will come and join us to enjoy the results.
Never fear if you can't make it on Sunday, once published it will be there for anyone to read and enjoy forever :o)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just 12 days to go!

Eeeekkk... still lots to do! Please join us on the 24th at our Facebook page for...