Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Cloth Doll pattern - prototype

I have been working very long hours so far this year and so my time for Nightshade Dolls is pretty limited but I have been working away at lots of little projects in the wee small hours... hence the fact that I often come stumbling into the morning sunlight next day with tiny blinky eyes like a mole!

I am still hoping to do some doll making classes later in the Autumn and so I am currently working on a printed pattern. It is to be an original doll, Hortense, who has a very vintage vibe. I will sell the basic pattern in my etsy shop, it will be suitable for adventurous beginners. The classes will take the same basic pattern and add plenty of twists and techniques so that each class member will take home an OOAK truly original art doll at the end. I hope to teach more advanced techniques for sculpting, using gesso and paperclay and how to antique your dolls with various paint and crackle techniques. All that and thinking about how to incorporate vintage and recycled scraps to make for more interesting vintage outfits for your dolls.

That's the plan anyway, just hope I have enough time to get all this together. I have finished the pattern, made my 2nd prototype doll (pictured before tea dying) and am now tweaking the step by step instructions to make everything as easy as possible to follow. Phew... keep watching this space! ;o)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New hats in my shop

I listed some new hats in my etsy shop last evening and have another batch in various stages of finish, mainly Top Hats... so expect another shop update in the next week or two depending on my work schedule :o)

Also, I have been putting the finishing touches to patterns and instructions for cloth doll making. I am just in the process of road testing the first pattern to make sure everything is clear and easy to follow. Then I need to get round how to list PDF downloads on Esty and Bob's yer uncle! Watch this space.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Funny history video

The cause of World War One as a rap battle... very funny ;o)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tea Dying disaster

 have been ill in bed for the last few days (as soon as I put it in writing that I hardly ever get migraines anymore, wouldn't you know it?) so finally feeling a little more human this evening, I decided to do a spot of tea dying. I want to make an new outfit for my BJDs, they need to do some hat modelling and also I want to take photos for the Mad Tea Party blog event hosted by Fanciful Twist on the 12th of July. So I figured I would just tea dye lots of different fabrics, new and vintage and see what turned out best...

Good idea, except 20 minutes into my dying session with a flotilla tea bags floating blythely around in the sink, refusing to cause more than the slightest colour change in the fabrics, I decided to try something else. I mixed up some gravy stock cubes and poured those in on top. Bad idea. My mum has always sworn that during the war British women dyed their legs with "gravy browning" and drew lines up the back to imitate nylon stockings... that is as maybe but it had very little visible effect on my fabrics. It had rather a strong effect on their smell though!

So much so that George, my young fluffy chap, was very interested indeed when I went to peg it all on the line. So much of the fabric remnants are now extra-distressed and full of cat claw holes from someone who got a bit over excited by the beefy aroma. Lord!

The end result... no change there then!

Captain Beef-nostrils

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fever Ray

Can't stop playing this: Fever Ray, if I had a heart.

Love the creepy video too... it reminds me a little of Night of the Hunter (old B/W Robert Mitchum film), the surreal sequence where the children escape in the boat.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Getting so tired of all this soft-core wishy washy 'girls love to be throttled' cr*p that seems to flood Tumblr these days. Pictures like this one below reblogged by lots of teenage (I presume?) girls who really ought to know better.

I would just like to state for the record that any guy who puts his hand round my throat better be prepared for a swift sharp implement up the jacksie and the fact that I will shortly after be wearing his no-good testicles as earrings. Is this the legacy of all that "90 shades of beige" twaddle?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

7th Annual Mad Tea Party

I have decided to give the Fanciful Twist "Mad Tea Party" another go this year. I am up to my eyes in design work a lot of the time and don't get to play dollies much so this will be a good excuse to get something going in the evenings :o) I have put a link in my sidebar if you want to find out more.

This Bank holiday I had a bit of time to myself and decided to tackle my chaotic work room... to be fair, I actually started that mammoth task way back in January. Anyway, I was so pleased with the long awaited tidiness I took some pictures. It will probably NEVER be this tidy again!